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4,500 Credits

Credits are a virtual currency which can be used all over OPLegends to enhance your experience.

This is our best selling credits bundle!

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4,500 Credits

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  • Credits are only usable under the terms of the OPLegends Credits Disclaimers. Credits are a virtual intangible currency which cannot be transferred outside of the OPLegends Network. Credits do not represent a property interest of any kind and cannot be cashed out or used outside of OPLegends services.
  • Please make sure you are well informed our rules, terms of service, and privacy policy before making any purchase on our web store. All players are judged against the rules equally no matter their store purchases.
  • Purchases cannot be refunded under any circumstance. Opening a chargeback or dispute will result in an automatic and permanent ban from our Minecraft Network, our Tebex Store and other Tebex Stores.